"How we navigate suffering is important. We need right thinking and right seeing so that we can be mindful of all things, good and bad."

These lines are so poignant and necessary Joel. I for one is extremely against toxic positivity where we use pseudo spirituality to bypass the hardships we face. I think what you said is so important because you encouraged us to acknowledge our current circumstances and then be grateful for the beauty in it that we are missing because of our complaining inner monologue. Thank you for writing this. Deeply Grateful.

Give my love and prayers to your wife as she heals from her injury. Merry Christmas to you and family!

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Dec 19, 2021Liked by Joel

Joel, thank you for the perspective adjustment…I needed to hear that. Merry Christmas my friend!

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It sounds as if you have a beautiful and very generous family. What a gift! And the wonderful part is....you can open that gift up every day and enjoy it, surrounded by those you love. Thank you for sharing your story, Joel. Merry Christmas. 🎄

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